On and Off grid solar farms have the ability to provide communities with stable and reliable clean energy.
Solar farms use solar energy which is a renewable resource to generate clean electricity. Creating electricity from solar farms does not produce pollutants as is a completely silent process which does not disturb the environment.

Depending on the terrain of the land the systems can either be mounted on pile structures or a screw mounted system.

To ensure the safety of the plants all sites are secured with fencing and camera detection systems.
Off-the-shelf’ technologies allow for solar farm turn key projects to be completed within a few months of the start date.

Systems installed on traditional farm land can be raised to ensure that livestock are still able to graze below uninterrupted, while the run-off from condensation continues to moisture the land.
While generating clean and affordable energy, jobs are subsequently created in rural areas.
The solar farm systems are modular, scalable and repeatable.