The Concept:
A toilet system that recycles all flushed liquid through naturally occurring organisms by converting raw sewage into re-usable filtered water, ready for re-use in the toilet cistern.


Rural areas, because of the difficulty in installing water-borne sewerage due to topographic factors, or to distances between villages.
Rural schools, which lack infra-structure.
Farming communities, for the same reason.
Camp sites, including holiday sites .
Densely populated informal settlements.
Special events.
Disaster management .




The Product:


Portable SMARTSAN Recycle Toilet unit:

The full unit is for areas were the housing are still informal and non permanent to allow that the unit can be removed for reuse elsewhere once the people receives their permanent housing.



Through Flow Digester unit:
The through flow digester unit is suitable for areas were people have a municipal water connection that can supply the toilet with flush water and no recycling of the water is needed.



The recycle unit is for areas where people can build or already have available their own top structures with a flush toilet.



As any working biological sewage treatment facility, the SMARTSAN toilet unit does require maintenance on a regular basis however, it is a very basic and inexpensive operation and easy to perform.



Water Saving:



Conventional water borne toilet:

NWS SMARTSAN recycle unit:

One family:

19 440 liters per 90 days

300 liters per 90 days

NB: When kitchen and bath outlet connected to SMARTSAN unit = 0 liters of water usage




The product can be supplied as a pre-assembled unit or it can be supplied in a kit form to be assembled on site. This will make the transport of the unit much easier and no heavy equipment will be needed for installation. The parts can easily be handled and carried by hand.