On and Off-grid solar roofing installations allow for companies to either run their businesses completely off-grid or “shave power” from their consumption from the grid.

Systems can be either roof or ground mounted depending on the available space and capacity required.
Choices of either crystalline (glass) or amorphous (flexible) solar panels are offered depending on physical location factors.

Panels are able to be bonded to roofs of all shapes and sizes.
Solar systems make absolutely no noise and require very little maintenance, if any.

Commercial or Industrial solar energy can reduce or eliminate your exposure to rising commercial electricity rates and prevent rises in electricity costs affecting your bottom line.

A solar system will ensure that you’ll be enjoying fixed electric rates for the next quarter century or more!
Going green is not only on the radar of environmentalists anymore, as more and more individuals are recognizing the power and environmental issues facing us today. Installing a solar system will also have the added benefit of showing consumers that you take environmental issues seriously and that you doing your bit to help. It will differentiate you from your competitor and may be the difference that drives consumers to your business.