Integrated Solar Powered Traffic Intersections

The system takes the traffic lights at an intersection 100% off the grid.
No more power failures affecting traffic flow i.e. TRAFFIC JAMS!

System has been designed to withstand the robust African conditions – Climate, theft and vandalism.
The system is supported by 5 days battery back-up for the evenings and when there is adverse weather conditions i.e. prolonged spells of rain.

Integrates well with the Local Councils Traffic Control Center and can be remotely monitored.
Easily maintained.

Advertising Opportunity
Selling the advertising space assists in funding the roll out in a city.
Allows local corporate companies to get involved by purchasing the prime advertising space at an intersection.

Companies who purchase advertising space are viewed by consumers as contributing to their overall sustainability and lowering their carbon footprint.

The local council gets the opportunity to start the ‘greening’ of the city through this renewable energy initiative and benefit in the long run from the favourable PR.
Excess power generated can be directed back at the grid.


Designed for areas where the 2, 3 and 4 pole structures will not fit at an intersection.
The Rota-Light is a solar UPS system that provides the traffic lights at an intersection with 12 hours backup time in the event of a power failure.

The unique rotating cylinder illuminates 4 x A0 advertising posters , which rotate at 2 rpm allowing adverts to be rotated every 40 seconds.

Given the height and rotation of the system, theft of the unit and its contents is extremely difficult. 
Can be solely used as an advertising medium. The system provides for an optional extra of street names that are illuminated.

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