Senseseven - Renewable Energy Solutions (Pty) Ltd - (RES) was formed in March 2010 where the founders identified a niche in the market to service the demand for a specialised systems integrator that could offer a variety of solutions in the alternative energy, energy saving and environmental fields, effectively providing a one-stop-shop.

The company was originally founded by 3 people who shared a strong belief in their ability to create a new dynamic company in an already overcrowded global market battling with a shaky and often bleak looking economy. Having the strength and ability to network coupled with a passionate energy and vision to succeed in becoming a major player in the African markets providing solutions for alternative energy and lighting.

By entering into a consortium of leading international and local companies a wide range of alternate solutions can be offered to the commercial, mining and industrial markets. As a result of these strong ties the company also offers a wide range of product, services and expertise that are supported by major international and local companies throughout South Africa and African Continent.

The company now has access to locally supported and manufactured LED lights for commercial; industrial; mining and traffic installations that are approved energy saving and intrinsically safe products.

Founder Members:


Greg Mons: a founder member of Renewable Energy Solutions (Pty) Ltd in March 2010 has successfully filled his role a number of boards within the Powertech Group of companies. Greg obtained his ICMA at Cambridge (UK) and has been involved in the world of corporate finance with both local and international companies such as, Johnson Matthey PLC; AFROX; CFO Powertech Battery Group, all successful manufacturing leaders.  South African born and a self confessed entrepreneur with a vision to create a listed company involved in alternate / renewable energy solutions within 5 years has started with extraordinary success.

With the vision and ability to network the Group has encouraged the linking together of highly skilled people and companies to produce what is today Renewable Energy Solutions (Pty) Ltd. Having worked in the field of finance, renewable energies and batteries for over 10 years, strong relationships have been built both at home and abroad with some of the largest local and international players in all fields of finance and alternate energy. Today close association with ESKOM; United Ovonic (USA); Solar World (Germany ); Powertech Group Companies ; Contract Kitting; e-Solar; Abengoa Solar; The Power Company; Hyundai; Thornlite; OSRAM ; Philips and many more ensure that the way forward looks a little more prosperous than anticipated.

Roy Wilson: A highly successful businessman in the world of signage joined forces to lead the way in securing solar powered outdoor advertising, recognising that the power consumption in outdoor marketing was enormous and could be reduced by applying ones mind to energy conservation.

Garren Bischoff:  Joined Renewable Energy Solution in early 2010 and represents the youthful exuberance in the organization. Having always been passionate about renewable energy he jumped at the chance to join the company and leave his footprint in this exciting industry. He has a Bachelors of Commerce Degree from the University of Johannesburg and he believes you can never stop learning and embracing change is what will propel us forward. He was previously in International Tax where he opened up a new market assisting Government Departments to reclaim tax on a number of their expenses worldwide. He is currently an avid member of Young Business for South Africa (YBSA) which is an organization that encourages young South Africans to be motivated about their country and its future.

Products and Range of Solutions:

RES is typically a systems integrator providing solutions into a variety of markets that include markets such as:


    • Solar Powered traffic lights (100 % off –grid as well as standby systems)
    • Solar Powered street lights  (100% solar or retrofit with low energy lighting)
    • Solar Powered lighting and appliances into the low cost housing market –
    • Solar Power to commercial / corporate business on existing or new roofing structures
    • Solar Power to the power industry (Eskom) via solar farms.
    • Solar Powered bus shelters into the local authorities
    • Remote monitoring for power, metering and pre-paid metering  systems
    • Fuel Cell solutions for alternate power
    • Wind generation through wind turbines from 200W to 100kWh
    • Bio-mass plants
    • Co-generation plants
    • A variety of lighting solutions from CFL lights; LED to intrinsically safe lighting for the mining industry.
    • Access to CSP Plants ( via Engineering Consultants and Agent for CSP Africa)
    • Water purification with the assistance of solar
    • Water Pumping Solutions
    • Wide range of battery support and technical expertise


RES has recently acquired access to in-house financial services that can offer funding for major projects at competitive rates and is also well positioned to register major projects for carbon credits that would be logged with the United Nations Carbon Emissions Programme. The opportunity to rent / lease may exist depending on the credentials of the applicant (terms and conditions apply).
The company while in its infancy has managed to secure major projects through its ability to provide excellent service and expertise in the wide range of products offered.


Social Responsibility:


RES has a strong sense of corporate social investment, having created employment for close to 87 employees as a result of current projects in the Johannesburg area. Driven by it’s passion to provide solutions for reducing carbon emissions and improve the carbon footprint of South Africa in support of the Countries environmental programme as indicated and promised by Government at the Copenhagen Accord in 2010.
RES has a vision to not only grow employment and support previously disadvantaged communities but to become a major player in the provision of clean energy and water. RES currently supports the Playground Pumps Initiative which provides water to rural communities.
RES having a strong association with Roundabout provide playground pumps to supply water to the rural areas. This initiative has been backed and supported by the Clinton Foundation; Mandela Trust and UNICEF but lacks adequate funding to sustain the maintenance on the pumps.

Training - Renewable Energy College:

We are currently involved with the planning of a major renewable energy college for Cape Town that will be in conjunction with the DOE; DTI; Corporate Business and The Win Win Group along with a number of Academic players. The site is 12,5ha and is based near the airport and has been our vision that we enter into agreements with all players in the renewable energy market and start a college in the Johannesburg and Cape Town Region. We have obtained property in Johannesburg and Cape Town and plans are set for submission in January 2011. This college will focus on training people in the use of crystalline PV , amorphous PV, thin film solar power, wind power, fuel cell technology and smaller versions of hydro, bio-mass and fuels, CSP, battery technology, solar hot water heating, solar powered street lighting and LED lighting technology.



RES has a vision to build “green villages” throughout Africa and has designed fully sustainable “green villages”.  The intension is to form a number of green villages / cities driven purely by renewable energy.  As a result of this vision the need to work with other local and international players involved in development of product and solutions is high on our priority list. The use of Bio-mass plants, solar farms, CSP plants and all forms of co-generation plants will form part of an already well developed range that has been consolidated under the RES banner. New Street lighting and bus shelters coupled with solar powered lighting for a broad spectrum, of markets are already in the pipeline with interesting developments in the field of water purification.